Construction Sectors

The construction industry is all about creating and building, and it’s divided into three main sectors: Civil, Residential, and Commercial.

Each sector has its own unique rewards and challenges, allowing you to build a great career in an industry that’s constantly shaping our world. Starting your career in one sector doesn’t mean you’re limited to it – many people working in construction move through different sectors throughout their career.


In the Civil sector, you'll be at the forefront of shaping the world around us. Think grand-scale projects like bridges, highways, airports, and more. With a career in Civil, you'll be part of teams that design, plan, and bring these mega-structures to life.


In the Residential sector, you'll be involved in building homes, units, and housing complexes. Whether you’re designing as an architect or interior designer, or on the tools bringing it all to life, you’ll be creating cosy spaces for people and families to call home.


If you love the idea of designing and building spaces for work, commerce, and big-time hustle, the Commercial sector is where you'll thrive. Picture yourself building jaw-dropping office buildings, vibrant retail spaces, luxurious hotels, and even life-saving hospitals. You'll create structures that are functional, stylish, and perfect for business.

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