Why choose a career in construction?

A career in construction is hard to beat for opportunities to progress, try new things and quickly reap rewards from hard work.


Explore the benefits of joining one of the biggest and most exciting industries in Queensland. From building roads and bridges to designing and constructing skyscrapers, construction is an industry perfect for young people looking for a rewarding career path.


Construction is booming in Queensland and skilled workers across all areas are in high demand. With the growing need for housing, renewable energy projects, and new major infrastructure ahead of the 2032 Olympics, construction skills give you job security and make you highly employable.


Starting an apprenticeship or traineeship means you can be paid to study, rather than paying to study – meaning you’ll have no student loans or study debt to pay back at the end of your training. Many apprentices and trainees go on to continue permanent work with the company that trained them once they have completed their training too.


Construction offers great opportunities to move into leadership and specialist roles. Many highly successful leaders in the construction industry started their career on the tools before upskilling and progressing to become construction managers, project manager, or even business owners.


Construction can pay well – whether you start an apprenticeship to earn while you learn or go down a uni-pathway, there are opportunities to earn competitive salaries in construction.


Construction may look very different to what you imagine. There are over 70 different career options, from carpentry and electrical work to project management, digital engineering, or interior design – allowing you to find a career that complements your talents and interests. Some construction jobs are based outside on a site, some are more physically demanding than others, some are office-based, and there is a blended range in between.


Being part of the team to build something from the ground up can be incredibly satisfying. You get to see the results of your hard work and know that you've contributed to something that will be around for years to come. Whether you design a project or physically build it, there’s nothing like seeing the results of your hard work.


If working for yourself is more your style, construction can offer you the space to be your own boss. Construction skills give you the freedom to build your own empire – 98% of the Queensland construction industry is made up of small businesses.


If you’re interested in seeing the world, or even the other side of the country, construction can help you get there. From changing job sites and projects, to taking your skills on the road or even overseas, construction skills are transferable and the possibilities for travel are endless.


Every construction project presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for innovation and creativity. The industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the modern world, such as a commitment to sustainability and green building practices.

Why Jay chose construction
"In the early days you're still earning money while learning... It pays off in the long run – at 24 I was able to buy my first home."
Jay Hoy / Contract administrator