Construction Pathways programs support more students to enter trade and non-trade jobs in the construction industry. We work with partner schools and industry to deliver programs across Queensland that empower students and boost the awareness of the opportunities in the construction industry.

These programs form part of the Gateway to Industry Schools project. The Gateway to Industry Schools project is proudly supported and funded by the Queensland Government.

Construction Chats

Industry professionals come into schools to share their real-world experiences and job opportunities with students.

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Student Site Tours

Students step on-site to explore live construction projects, and learn about career pathways and opportunities.

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Teacher Site Tours

Teachers step on-site to witness construction projects first-hand, increasing their awareness of the industry to confidently guide students.

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Try’a Skill

Immersive experiences for students of non-trade construction roles, showing the wide range of talents and interests needed in the industry.

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Try’a Trade

Hands-on experiences with construction trades, using the tools and learning the tricks of the trade, to spark interest and improve awareness of different trade skill sets.

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Virtual Reality

Students step into virtual construction sites and interact with virtual workers, gaining hands-on experience and knowledge without leaving the classroom.

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