Teacher Site Tours

Teachers step on-site to witness construction projects first-hand, increasing their awareness of the industry to confidently guide students.




Live construction site


Can vary depending on the site but is always in the morning. Typically takes approx. 2–3 hours.

What are teacher site tours?

  • Teacher site tours aim to increase awareness of the construction industry among teachers by providing them with real-life experiences on construction projects.
  • Teachers get an inside view of a live construction project while learning about construction career opportunities and pathways.
  • Site tours help inform and empower teachers to guide students on options and opportunities for their career choices.

How do they work?

  • Construction Pathways collaborates with industry partners to identify opportunities to host teacher site tours.
  • Teachers are provided with the tour details, including the purpose and objectives of the tour.
  • Tour hosts showcase their project, highlighting great features, programs, and workforce strategies.