Parents and Caregivers

Supporting your child in career decision-making

Our research says young people see their parents and caregivers as the most important influence on their career decision-making. It may surprise you to know how much they value your input!

Is it worth considering construction for your young person?

Supporting your child through career decisions can be stressful, especially with the traditional view that university is the ultimate goal.

It’s crucial to consider all career and study options, as university isn’t right for everyone. Construction is increasingly chosen by high achievers and offers rapid advancement to senior roles, with over 70 job types and opportunities for funded training. It’s worth considering for your young person.

4 reasons why your child should consider construction


High demand and job security

Construction offers high employability and job stability, with many upcoming infrastructure and renewable projects keeping skills in high demand.

Career progression

Many construction leaders started on the tools; the industry rewards hard work and ambition with opportunities for rapid advancement into management and specialist roles with funded training.

Be your own boss

Construction skills readily translate into business ownership. The benefits of being independent and having flexibility with work choices can be a big drawcard.

Financially rewarding

Whether your child starts and apprenticeship to earn while they learn or goes down a uni-pathway, there are opportunities to earn good money in construction.

More than a job

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