Why should my child consider construction?


As a parent or caregiver, guiding your child’s career choices can be both challenging and rewarding. While some children have a clear direction, others may need more help to make informed decisions.

The construction industry offers many exciting career paths for young adults with different talents and interests, but traditional stereotypes may prevent some from considering construction as a suitable option. While you might think that construction is all about being on-site and physically demanding work, there are plenty of office-based jobs and hybrid roles that mix office and site work. Construction is one of the largest industries in the state, employing people with different skillsets, such as analytical, mathematical, and design skills. To help you support your child in their decision-making process, here are five reasons why your child should consider a career in construction:

1. Job security

With a growing pipeline of major infrastructure and renewable projects on the horizon in Queensland, including the Brisbane Olympics, skilled workers will continue to be in high demand. A huge 80% of construction workers are employed full-time, compared to approximately 65% in other industries.

2. Career advancement

Hard work and ambition can lead to rapid career progression in the construction industry. CSQ offers funded training programs that upskill construction workers to assist them in moving into new roles, providing opportunities for young people to fast-track their careers.

3. Earn while learning

Your child can receive paid on-the-job learning through construction apprenticeships and traineeships, which means no HECS debt at the end of their training. Many apprentices and trainees secure work with the company they complete their training with too.

4. Variety of roles

The construction industry offers a variety of roles and specialisations, from carpentry and electrical work to project management and digital engineering, allowing your child to find a career that complements their talents and interests.

5. Exciting and dynamic

Every construction project presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for innovation and creativity. The industry is constantly evolving to meet the demands of the modern world, such as a commitment to sustainability and green building practices.


There is no end to the variety your child can find working in construction – from changing job sites and projects, to changing roles, or travelling with their skills – construction skills are in demand all over the world.