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Do you think you’re a fit for construction?

It’s all about finding the right fit for you.

Construction work might be no brainer if you like working with your hands or already have friends and family in the industry.

But if you think construction is all physical work on building sites, think again!

There are over 70 different construction careers to choose from, ranging from physical to office-based roles, or a blend of both. Whether you like design, numbers, working with people, or managing projects, there’s a construction job for you.

4 reasons to work in construction



Construction offers high employability and job stability, with many upcoming infrastructure, Olympics, and renewable energy projects keeping skills in high demand.


Whether you start an apprenticeship to earn while you learn or take a uni-pathway, there is good money to be made.

Career progression

Many construction leaders started on the tools; the industry rewards hard work and ambition with opportunities for advancement into management and specialist roles with funded training.

Be your own boss

If you like independence and flexibility, construction skills are great for launching and running your own show.
Why choose construction?

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