Cadetships & Graduate Programs

Learn on the job while you study

Cadetships and Graduate Programs provide construction management, engineering and architecture students with a solid foundation of the construction industry and prepare them for future leadership roles or specialised positions.


What are cadetships and graduate programs?

Cadetships and graduate programs provide structured, paid training for university students or recent graduates in fields like engineering, construction management, or architecture. They connect theoretical learning with practical experience, offering opportunities to apply academic knowledge, learn from professionals, and advance into leadership or specialised roles within construction.

Okay, so what's the difference?

Cadetships vs Graduate Programs


Graduate programs


Typically offered to students who are still studying at university.


Aimed at recent graduates who have completed their university studies.


Cadets are employed by construction companies and work part-time or
during uni breaks while completing their studies. They combine formal
education and practical work experience. Cadetships allow you to
gain hands-on experience and apply your theoretical knowledge in a real-world setting.


These programs offer structured training, mentoring, and development opportunities to equip graduates with the skills and knowledge required to progress their careers. Graduates can explore different areas of specialisation and understand which direction you want your career to move in.


They can differ in length but typically the duration will be pre-agreed between the cadet and company.


The duration of graduate programs can vary, but they are often between 1-2 years.

Both cadetships and graduate programs provide:

  • great exposure to different areas of the construction industry
  • on-the-job training
  • mentoring from experienced professionals
  • possibility of continuing full-time work with the company you do your training with

Cadetships and graduate programs can fast-track your professional growth, increase your technical skills, and open many doors to a successful career in construction.