Combine theory with technical knowledge

Uni provides theory-based learning and technical knowledge in construction disciplines like engineering, architecture, and construction management.


What is university?

Some specialised fields of construction like engineering or architecture need you to complete an undergraduate degree, also known as a Bachelor’s degree, at university (uni).

An undergraduate degree is the first level of uni education that students pursue after finishing high school. They usually take 3-4 years to complete if studied full-time, although some courses may take longer (for e.g., dual degrees where you receive two qualifications at the end). If you’re interested in a flexible degree, some unis have options to complete your course part-time. You can also defer your uni course and schedule a later start, if you choose to do something else (like travel or work) before you study again.

Whether you’re a school student or have already left school, applying for a degree in construction management, engineering or architecture can be a transformative journey into a successful career in construction.