I tried uni and it’s not for me. What now?

You're not alone

There is a lot of pressure on young people to make the right career choice and sometimes you may make a decision, only to find it’s not what you expected at all.

But don’t stress, you’re not alone – many young people change their minds about their career path and find something much more their lane.

Discovering that uni isn’t for you might feel like a major setback, but it doesn’t mean the end of the road for your education and career options. What is important is finding a career that feels right for you.

Here are some options you may want to consider as next steps:

1. Take a fresh view on your interests

Take some time to reflect on your strengths and what you like to do. This could be anything; from enjoying the outdoors to drawing to technology and gadgets. If you can align your career choice with your interests, skills, and hobbies, you’ll be more satisfied and motivated to succeed.

2. Explore career possibilities in construction

Construction is so much more than tools and physical labour – there are over 70 career options, with options that are site-based, office-based or a blend of both worlds.

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3. Try before you buy

If you’re still unsure, consider doing some volunteer work or applying for work experience. Volunteering and work experience will give you hands-on exposure to various roles in the industry to help you decide what you like and what you don’t.

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4. Explore non-uni study options

Just because you have decided that uni isn’t right for you, doesn’t mean there aren’t other study options available. There is vocational education and training (VET) which is a more hands-on form of learning (for e.g., learning how to actually use equipment, rather than reading about it in a textbook). There are also apprenticeships and traineeships, that combine practical learning (through VET) with on-the-job training – at a real workplace, with a real boss, earning a real wage. Explore the non-uni entry pathways into construction here.

Take the next step

Don’t let a less-than-perfect first experience at university hold you back from pursuing a rewarding career – the construction industry is full of opportunity and there are many roles available to people with different interests, skills, and personalities.