Try’a Skill

Immersive experiences for students of non-trade construction roles, showing the wide range of talents and interests needed in the industry.


Year 9–10 students


Live construction site


Can vary depending on the site, but typically run between 9am–2pm

What is Try'a Skill?

  • Try'a Skill events offer immersive experiences of non-trade construction roles. They give students an opportunity to try hands-on activities on live construction sites and learn from tour guides about blended construction roles, involving both office and site work.
  • They highlight that there are construction careers to suit many different interests and talents, not just people who are good with their hands or enjoy physical work.

How do they work?

  • Construction Pathways works with schools and industry partners to identify suitable construction sites to host Try’a Skill experiences.
  • Groups of year 9-10 students receive hands-on experiences in a range of activities related to non-trade careers.
  • Throughout the day students can ask questions and interact with industry professionals to learn more about non-trade career options.