Virtual Reality

Students step into virtual construction sites and interact with virtual workers, gaining hands-on experience and knowledge without leaving the classroom.


Year 9–12 students




VR experiences typically take 45 mins per group

What is virtual reality?

  • Virtual Reality (VR) events give students immersive experiences of construction work environments. Students enter virtual construction sites and interact with construction workers, exploring different areas and completing tasks. This program aims to increase awareness of career pathways in the construction industry and engage students in a focused learning environment.
  • VR training encourages active engagement with information in a focused environment - particularly useful for a student audience, where VR can remove distractions from peers, mobile devices, and general interference.

How do they work?

  • Construction Pathways partners with schools to organise VR experiences in a classroom. Before entering the VR experience, students hear from an industry expert about the construction industry and the broad variety of careers available.
  • Students participate in a virtual reality learning experience where they navigate a realistic construction environment.
  • In the VR experience, they complete tasks for the tradies on site and learn about their roles and career paths. At the end of the event students are encouraged to discuss what they found interesting and ask questions.