Student Site Tours

Students step on-site to explore live construction projects, and learn about career pathways and opportunities.


Year 9–12 students.


Live construction site.


Can vary depending on the site but is always in the morning. Typically takes approx. 2–3 hours.

What are student site tours?

  • Student site tours allow students to visit live construction sites, where they can learn about the industry, explore career opportunities, and witness construction projects firsthand.
  • These tours aim to inspire students and generate interest in the construction industry.
  • These tours are designed to either pique a student’s interest in construction or cement it.

How do they work?

  • Construction Pathways collaborates with industry partners and schools to identify opportunities for hosting student site tours.
  • Students receive information about the tour ahead of time.
  • On the day, students learn about the construction project and the variety of trades and professions working together on the site and beyond.
  • Construction Pathways arranges transport, catering and supplies, and necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) including a high vis vest, hard hat, safety glasses and ear plugs.


  • Students get a real-world experience of a live construction project, learning about the construction industry, career opportunities, and pathways in a real-life setting.