Try’a Trade

Hands-on experiences with construction trades, using the tools and learning the tricks of the trade, to spark interest and improve awareness of different trade skill sets.


Year 9–10 students


Live construction site


Can vary depending on the site, but typically run between 9am–2pm

What is Try'a Trade?

  • Try'a Trade events are hands-on experiences designed to raise awareness about different careers in construction.
  • Try'a Trade events let students engage in various trade activities at real construction sites.
  • Students rotate through different stations, trying out tools and techniques from different trades, and receive key information to help start discussions at home.

How do they work?

  • Construction Pathways works with schools and industry partners to identify suitable construction sites to host Try’a Trade experiences.
  • Students rotate through a range of stations, taking instruction from trainers before trying out the tools and techniques for the different trades.
  • Throughout the day students can ask questions and interact with industry professionals to gain further insight into the different trade careers available in construction.