How do I apply for VET courses?

1. Research and choose a VET course

Explore the range of construction courses available and choose the one that fits with your interests and career goals.

2. Check entry requirements

Check the entry requirements for the course, such as educational qualifications, prerequisites, or work experience. Check you meet the criteria.

3. Find a VET provider

Find VET providers with a good reputation that offer the course. This can include TAFE institutes, private registered training organisations (RTOs), or industry-specific training providers.

4. Contact the VET provider

Reach out to the chosen VET provider to get info about the course, including duration, costs, available study modes, and the application steps.

5. Gather your documents

Collect the required documents, which may include identification proof, academic transcripts, certificates, or evidence of work experience. Have them ready for the application process.

6. Complete the application form

Fill out the VET provider application form. Include accurate personal details and any relevant information or supporting documents requested.

7. Submit the application

Send your completed application form and supporting documents to the VET provider by the due date. Double-check for any extra application fees or submission requirements.

8. Wait patiently

Wait for the VET provider to review your application and assess your eligibility. They will notify you of the outcome, which may include an offer of enrolment or request for further information.

9. Accept the offer and enrol

If you receive an offer of enrolment, carefully review the details about the acceptance process. Follow the instructions to secure your place in the course by accepting the offer and completing the enrolment process.

10. Pay course fees and commence studies

Once you have accepted the offer and completed the enrolment process, you will need to pay the course fees. Attend the course orientation and begin your VET studies as scheduled.

Remember to reach out to the VET provider directly if you have questions or need guidance through your application process. Good luck!